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Environmental Education Programs

The Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE), since its foundation in 2004, was actively involved in promoting different activities within the three domains of action: Environmental Education, Environmental Research and Environmental Information.

During the school year 2019-2020 within the framework of Environmental Education, CYCERE developed and provides FREE OF CHARGE 16 Environmental Education Programmes (EEPs), aiming at the development of environmentally literacy citizens as well as qualified teachers in subjects related to environmental studies.

The EEPs were designed in order to promote and support the active involvement of all the students through inquiry-based learning. The educational activities encourage participatory and experiential learning and they aim at achieving a more comprehensive understanding about environmental issues for all the students. In addition, the EEPs are flexibly designed, while the degree of difficulty is adapted according to the age, skills and knowledge level of the participants. Thus, the EEPs provided are appropriate for students of all the grades and ages.

The methodological approaches employed for the EEPs are based on the philosophy of Environmental Education and Education for sustainability, as well as on the philosophy of inquiry-based learning as the predominant approach for structuring new knowledge in the field of the Natural Sciences. In addition, the educational idea of sustainability is strongly related to the principles and philosophical background of the New Curriculum for Environmental Education (Ministry of Education and Culture, 2010).The Prototype Educational Material for each one of the EEPs provided is annually assessed and reformed, in order to ascertain its educational validity as well as to ascertain its potential to promote conceptual understanding, scientific thinking and reasoning skills, as well as environmental awareness for all the students.

The EEPs of CYCERE, which are implemented since 2004 and have been attended by more than 55,000 students and hundreds of teachers, are:

CYCERE has been awarded with the Prize of Environmental Education 2010. This award reflects CYCERE’s commitment on the context of environmental education, environmental research and environmental awareness.


More details for all the programs of CYCERE are published in the CYCERE’s Guide of Environmental Education Programs 2019-2020*. 

Download the pdf document of CYCERE’s Guide of Environmental Education Programs 2019-2020 by clicking the adjacent icon

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