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Professions & Environment: Green Professions

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The presentation “Professions & Environment: Green Professions” took place on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at the Events Hall of the Holy Mitropoly of Limassol as part of the student conference “Natural Environment – Sustainable Development – Quality of Life” organized by teachers and students of Agios Nikolaos Lyceum in Limassol.

Initially, the term “green professions” was explained. Following are examples of “green professions” from all sectors of economic activity, which are projected to have increased demand in the Cypriot and European labor markets in the coming years. Then, examples of traditional “green studies” were presented, as well as new “green studies” that can be followed, so that one can be employed in one of the “green professions”. Then, there is a report on studies about the number of jobs in “green professions” that existed in previous years in Cyprus and Europe, as well as data for the coming years.

Student Conference Program “Natural Environment – Sustainable Development – Quality of Life”, Agios Nikolaos Lyceum