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The species of January 2013

2013.01_Anthemis tomentosa L.

Name: Chamomile
Scientific name: Anthemis tomentosa  L  




Perennial plant with a height of up to 45cm. Plant with dense mossy hair with an upright central shoot. The length of its leaves is up to 4.5 cm. The leaves of the base of the plant are bisexual, while the upper ones, simply winged and indeterminate or toothed, and are those that progressively protrude at the top. The shell of its head is hemispherical or inverted conical with a diameter of up to 4 cm. White tongue-shaped flowers and yellow tubular, with conical flowerpot and elliptical membranous scales.

A native species of Cyprus located on the beach of Kato Paphos and at the near the river Hapotami. This plant is found in Greece, Italy and southwestern Turkey.

Parallel places, gravelly and sandy beaches.

It blooms from February to May and bears fruit during the months of May-July.

Preservation status and threats
The total number of Anthemis tomentosa L. is 1150 plants with the largest population being that of Timi (≈800). Its degradation is mainly attributed to the abuse of the area by tourists and bathers as well as to tourist resorts in the prefecture of Timi.

Existing protection measures
The area of ​​Kato Paphos has been proposed to join the Natura 2000 network.

Suggested protection measures
Supervision of the area in cooperation with the local government and redefinition of the protected coastal areas.

Value and uses
Aromatic properties (essential oils) and cosmetic value.

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