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The species of March 2013

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Name: Cyprus rockcress
scientific name: Arabis purpurea
Family: Cruciferae






Perennial plant with a height of up to 30 cm. Its shoots and leaves consist of asteroid hairs. Its leaves are simple, alternately, silver-green. Its flowers are originally arranged in dense corymbose inflorescences which gradually lengthen into vodka. The colors of its petals are distinguished by pink, purple and sometimes white.

An endemic plant of Cyprus, which can be found in the Troodos mountain range at an altitude of 400-1800 m.

It thrives in refractory and calcareous soils.

Its flowering period is from March to April and its fruit ripens in May-June. They are propagated by seeds and cuttings.

Value and uses
Decorative plant, suitable for rock gardens and surface coverings.

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