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The Species of May 2014

2014.05_Corydalis rutifolia

Name: Corydalis
Scientific name: Corydalis rutifolia – Sibth.et.Sm
Family: Fumariaceae                                                                                                  





© Σάββας Τρύφωνος Τρόοδος (30 Απριλίου 2012)

Perennial upright 6-20cm. Leaves 2 or 3 with glabrous naked leaflets. Flowers pink in color up to 7 in number and are located at the top of the shoot. It blooms in April – May.

It is found in rock formations and mountain peaks from 1350-1950m and is locally common in the Troodos area.

It exists in Crete, Turkey, Cyprus and Lebanon

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[2] http://encyclopaedia.alpinegardensociety.net/plants

Image source:
© Σάββας Τρύφωνος [email protected]

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