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Species of the month

The species of February 2021

  Name: Common cuckoo Scientific name: Cuculus canorus Family: Cuculidae     Description The cuckoo is a medium-sized bird that ranges in length from 32-36 cm, while the wingspan can reach up to 60 cm. It has a long slender body with a long rounded tail and long wings so ...

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The species of January 2021

  Name: Alyssos of Akamas Scientific name: Alyssum akamasicum Family: Cruciferae     Name Rare species and endemic plant of Cyprus. Its name is based on the Akamas area, because its largest population has been identified and recorded in that area. Description It is a perennial plant, with shoots 15-30cm ...

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Species of 2018

January    Name: Flamingo Scientific name: Phoenicopterus Family: Phoenicopteridae   February   Common Name: Thorny burnet, Pricky Burnet, Brushwood Scientific Name: Sarcopoterium spinosum Family: Rosaceae   March   Common Name: Barn swallow Scientific name: Hirundo rustica Family: Hirundinidae   April   Common Name: Tulip of Akamas Scientific Name: Tulipa akamasica Family: Liliaceae     ...

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The species of 2014

 January Scientific Name: Lycium schweinfurthii Dammer Family: Solanaceae – Solanous     February Name: Hoopoe Scientific name: Upupa epop     March   Name: Dead-nettles Scientific name: Lamium garganicum ssp. striatum – (Sm). Hayek Family: Labiatae     April Name: Long-eared owl Scientific name: Asio otus       May Name: Corydalis Scientific name: Corydalis rutifolia – Sibth.et.Sm Family: Fumariaceae ...

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The species of 2013

  January Name: Chamomile Scientific name: Anthemis tomentosa  L         February Name: Eurasian Jackdaw Scientific name: Corvus monedula         March Name: Cyprus rockcress Scientific name: Arabis purpurea Family: Cruciferae       April Name: Mallard Scientific name: Anas platyrhynchos         May Name: Dominican Sage Scientific name: Salvia dominica ...

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The species of 2012

  January  Name: Water Mint Scientific name: Mentha aquatica           February Scientific name: Phoenicolacerta troodica    March Name: Thyme Scientific name: Satureja thymbra              April Name: Coin-marked snake Scientific name: Hemorrhois nummifer       May Name: Grey Birdsfoot Trefoil Scientific name: Lotus cytisoides             ...

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