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The species of May 2012


2012.05_Lotus cytisoides


Name: Grey Birdsfoot Trefoil
Scientific name: Lotus cytisoides    





Occasional semi-mist 10-30 cm high. Stems multi-branched, woody at the base. Leaves compound, silvery, with 5 anthoid or ovoid, usually hairy, leaflets. Flowers 2-8, bright yellow, in shady inflorescences. Trophy beak usually with a dark purple hue. Hemp usually straight, almost cylindrical, 20-35 x 2-3 mm, seeds almost spherical, slightly compressed.

Mediterranean. In Cyprus, it was located at 3 locations on the Akrotiri Peninsula: Coast Lady’s mile, Agios Nikolaos Farm and Diocese Bay. The location in Apostolos Andreas (collection 1880) was not identified although it was investigated.

Sandy and cobbled beaches with steady seas near sea level. Often in communities with Thymus capitatus, Elymus farctus.

Flowering: March-May. Fruiting: May-July.

Preservation status and threats
The total population includes 1,300 plants. The place with the most plants is the one on Lady’s mile beach (970 plants). It is threatened by degradation and loss of habitat due to the opening and widening of roads and the formation of parking spaces for bathers, as well as recreational activities such as walking and driving on the shore.

Value and Use
Flower value and soil improvement of degraded areas.

Το Κόκκινο βιβλίο της Χλωρίδας της Κύπρου. Φιλοδασικός σύνδεσμος Κύπρου, 2007      

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