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The species of April 2020



Name: Levant water frog

Scientific name: Pelophylax bedriagae

Family: Ranidae



The Levant water frogs are somewhat thick and have long hind legs with five fingers attached to a membrane. While their two front ends have four non membrane-bound fingers. Observing a Levant water frog will notice its big eyes with horizontal eye pupils.
It is noteworthy that Levant water frogs in Cyprus exhibit significant color fluctuations. Their backs can be either grayish, brown or green. Sometimes there may be large dark markings on their back and back of their feet, but frogs can be found in a completely homogeneous color.

In Cyprus we can meet large groups of Levant water frogs in many water sources, such as tanks, small lakes, streams and ditches. They usually choose to live in rocky areas, with reeds and grasses rather than in muddy areas, probably because of their better protection and the wealth of food resources these habitats provide.

Mating begins with the start of spring, with males inviting females to mate. Depending on the water temperature, the eggs are born from mid-March to the end of May. The tadpoles take a couple of weeks to hatch (depending on the temperature of the water), and then the first frogs appear fully transformed by the end of June. Calling out male frogs seems to be “contagious” – so a single frog can cause a whole melodic chorus of frogs.

Conservation – Protection
What can we do to protect Levant water frog? There are many ways in which we can contribute to the efforts to protect the environment and the Cypriot flora and fauna. Let inform our friends and family about the importance of invertebrates and the need to protect them. Let us respect every kind of life on this planet. Let us not, by our actions, lead one more kind to extinction. Let’s stop using chemical fertilizers that poison our soil and water. Let’s prevent the killing of invertebrates by the unconscious as a supposed way of fun.

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Source of Image:
© Christodoulos Makris




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