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The Species of August 2016

Eidos tou Augoustou_2016


Name: Eastern Evergreen clematis
Scientific name: Clematis vitalba. L
Family: Ranunculaceae




Climbing a multi-branched, perennial deciduous with opposite sexes, salaried and simple. The stem has grooves. Flowers fragrant with white-yellow color. The fruits that are formed have long silky parts that look like an old man’s beard. Flowering: June – August

Distribution – Toxicity – Use
Drowning plant if its growth is not controlled. In New Zealand it is considered an undesirable plant and its reproduction and sale is not allowed. It is mainly found in pine forests.

It used to be used as a rope and to knit baskets.

All parts of the plant are toxic. Its consumption causes burning in the mouth, vomiting, diarrhea and convulsions.

In Medicine, after special treatment, it is used to treat anxiety and nervous diseases.


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