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The species of June 2013

2013.06_Lepus europaeus cyprius

Name: Cyprus Hare
Scientific name:
Lepus europaeus cyprius





Mammal of the hare family and hunting species. Very fast and smart animal, it has a disadvantage in its vision but balances with its very good developed hearing. It has a brown-yellow color, depending on the age and the environment in which it lives.

An endemic subspecies of Cyprus that is found in many habitats.

Ecology – Behavior
It lives in all the provinces of the island and its population is satisfactory compared to the strong pressure it receives from hunters. Herbivorous animal that feeds on grass, leaves, shrub fruits. Its predators are the vulture, the fox and the snake, with the snake being considered a predator only for young hares. He searches for food at night while during the day he hides from his predators. It is a solitary animal with the exception of its breeding season, where the female remains in the place where she grew up, while the male travels long distances to find the female. During the middle of summer the female usually gives birth to 1-2 young and rarely 3-4.

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Image source:
© Τμήμα Δασών

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