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Educational Teacher Workshop of Globe and Mass

The Ministry of Education and Culture in collaboration with the Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) which is a partner in the European Project MASS (Motivate and Attract Students to Science), organised Scientific Workshop within the context of the Universal Environmental Project GLOBE  on Tuesday the 21st of ...

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The Species of June 2016

  Scientific name: Astragalus ramosus. L Family: LILIACEAE                                                                                     ...

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The species of May 2016

Name: Cyprus wheatear, skalifourta Scientific Name: Oenanthe cypriaca                                                                                       ...

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The species of April 2016

Scientific Name: Erophaca baetica ssp orientalis. (Chater & Meikle) Podlech Common name: Piphanis – Arkokoucha Family: LEGUMINOSAE                                                                     ...

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The species of December 2015

  Name: Partridge Scientific Name: Alectoris Chukar Cypriotes Family: ‎Phasianidae       Description The partridge is 32-35 cm long and weighs 420g-550g. The beautiful colors of the partridge are very visible all over her body. She has a gray and brown color on her chest and along the upper ...

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The species of August 2015

Name: blunt-nosed viper Scientific Name: Macrovipera lebetina Family: Viperidae   Description It has a thick body that ends in a very short and thin tail, giving the impression that the body is “cut” abruptly in the area of ​​its tail. Her body has a dark gray-brown color and dark patterns ...

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